Why invest in a maternity photoshoot?

There are many things to think about, plan for and buy when you are expecting a baby and a maternity photoshoot may not be first thing you think of, but I certainly think mums-to-be should consider adding maternity photos to that list. After all, motherhood is a remarkable time and something that I think should be recorded and treasured.

A new baby brings many changes; life as you know it will never be the same. A maternity photography session allows you to take some time to capture the way things are right now. My maternity photography sessions are designed to create a lasting memory of this time, in a beautifully natural and simple way.

My maternity photography style is simple, classic and elegant.  I often get asked about the best clothes to wear for a maternity photoshoot. While there are many ways to use colour in photography, my favourite by far is to use a very limited colour palette. I love the timeless look of whites and neutrals for ensuring that nothing detracts from my subjects. Neutral-coloured clothes tend to work best and creams, whites, soft pinks or even light greys will bring cohesion to your images. The studio wardrobe includes some lovely dresses that Mums-to-be are welcome to wear and there’s nothing more beautiful than a growing bump, so this is the time to let your belly show. Bring a basic white or grey vest top and a neutrally-coloured lingerie set with you and we can use these, together with the pieces I have, to create a range of looks to celebrate this special time.Untitled-4Untitled-1Untitled-3Untitled-5Untitled-6Untitled-7 copy.jpg

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