Newborn Photography Session, Horsham – Horsham Newborn Photographer

Sussex newborn photographer

When I started out as a newborn photographer I was challenged with how to reconcile my minimalist tendencies with the posed and prop-heavy approach that has become synonymous with traditional newborn photography.

Then I realised that I didn’t have to. It was possible to start with a completely blank canvas and then leave it as precisely that. The only adornment that is needed, is the baby itself.

George’s Newborn Photography Session, Horsham – Newborn Photographer, Sussex

Beth Moore newborn photography Sussex

Just a little boy, in a big world

Babies grow so fast and one day, in the not too distant future, you’ll look back and wonder how they could have ever been so small. Luckily, George’s mum has the memory of this time perfectly preserved, thanks to our recent newborn photography session in Horsham, Sussex. 

Carried out in the first two weeks after birth, my newborn photography sessions are gentle, relaxed and unhurried. I specialise in a more baby-led style of newborn photography – simple, natural and unposed. Removing the posing also removes the pressure for babies to be sleeping, which is just as well as George didn’t want to miss a minute of his photoshoot and stayed wide awake throughout. 

Awake or asleep

Wrapped or unwrapped

Whatever works for you, and your baby