Sussex family photographer – family photoshoot in Horsham

It wasn’t so long ago that a family photoshoot would often result in a gallery of formal, posed images and straight-on, traditional portraits with everyone looking at the camera and, hopefully, smiling.  

But whilst these sessions undeniably result in images of you as a group, they rarely show what it is that makes you a family; a family with all its connections, interactions and intimacies. 

I prefer a style of family photography that’s candid, expressive and something much more. A style that allows for a bit more creativity and the opportunity to break a few portrait photography rules in order to create something special and to capture those connected, meaningful images that are full of life.

Beth’s style of photography is beautifully relaxed. We loved all the photos from the shoot, they sum up our family completely. They’re unposed, unstaged and capture the sense of fun that we embrace as a family. Can’t wait to hang them on our wall.


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