Family Photography – Sunset Sessions

It wasn’t so long ago that a family photoshoot would often result in a gallery of formal, posed images and straight-on, traditional portraits with everyone looking at the camera and, hopefully, smiling.

But whilst these sessions undeniably result in images of you as a group, they rarely show what it is that makes you a family; a family with all its unique connections, interactions and intimacies. 

I prefer a style of family photography that’s candid, expressive and something much more. A style that allows for a bit more creativity and the opportunity to break a few portrait photography rules in order to create something special.

I love the creative opportunities that can be found in a sunset session. The low-level light has the power to transform a photograph into something truly magical. I love playing with the effects that can be created when sunlight hits the front of the lens; that dreamy haze, the rim lighting and those flares for added drama.

All these things can combine to create images that are full of light … and love.



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