Newborn Photography Horsham

Carried out in the first weeks of life, a newborn photography session will provide a lasting memory of this special time, with your baby all sleepy and comfortably curled. With minimal props to distract, I’ll capture all those precious newborn details that you won’t want to forget.

My Approach – Newborn Photography Horsham

Generally in life I think less is often more, and I certainly think this is true when it comes to newborn photography.  When I started out as a newborn photographer I was challenged with how to reconcile my minimalist tendencies with the posed and prop-heavy approach that has become synonymous with traditional newborn photography. Then I realised that I didn’t have to. It was possible to start with a completely blank canvas and then leave it as precisely that. The only adornment that was needed, was the baby itself.

By using a limited colour palette and with minimum props to distract, I could ensure that it’s the baby itself which is always the focus of the shot. So I sought out mentors who shared my vision and I’ve trained with some of the very best in the industry. I’ve worked hard to develop a style of newborn photography that isn’t at odds with my own. A style that is pared-down, unposed, unscripted and authentic. And, I’ve enjoyed finding those clients who appreciate this approach too.

Removing the posing also removes the pressure for babies to be sleeping. While my newborn photography sessions are such that babies do often sleep contentedly throughout, that’s not to say that’s always the case but if you’re not striving for that perfect pose, then it’s never an issue. Above all, I want the babies I photograph to be comfortable and the Mums and Dads  to be as relaxed as possible. If a baby needs to be cuddled, comforted or fed then that’s OK. I’ll take the time to photograph these moments too in order to capture the special bond that is developing. Documenting this intimacy, against the timeless background of whites and neutrals enables me to ensure that I can deliver a very personalised style of newborn photography that can be enjoyed for years to come.

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