Family Photography – Studio Sessions

I always like to incorporate parents and siblings in my sessions but my approach to family images is relaxed and natural.

It wasn’t so long ago that family photography would often mean a gallery of formal, posed images and straight-on, traditional portraits with everyone looking at the camera and, hopefully, smiling. But whilst these sessions undeniably result in images of you as a group, they rarely show what it is that makes you a family; a family with all its unique connections, interactions and intimacies.  

I prefer family photos that are more emotive, expressive and something much more.  A style that allows for a bit more creativity and the opportunity to break a few portrait photography rules in order to create something special and to capture those connected, meaningful images that are full of life.

As a consequence, when it’s time for a few family shots, there’s no awkward posing. Most of the time my subjects aren’t even looking at the camera. I prefer to focus on the baby and the growing connection between you all as you adjust to your new family dynamic.

Please give some thought to what you all wear. Simple, neutral-coloured clothing is best; cream, white, soft pink or even light grey. A plain white shirt with the sleeves rolled up or T shirt and jeans is perfect for Dad and I have a number of outfits for toddlers that you can borrow.

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