Cake Smash Photography Horsham

A photographic trend that originated in the US, cake smash sessions are a fun and novel way to mark the milestone that is your baby’s first birthday. 

But, I believe that less is usually more and cake smashes are certainly no exception.   The potential for things to all get a bit sickly sweet is high with this sort of session but I believe that if you’ve got a baby and you’ve got a cake, then you don’t need to go overboard on the props or theming.

Before things get messy, we’ll start off with a simple sitter session during which time I’ll simply let your baby’s emerging personality shine.

Then, out comes the cake. My deliciously simple cakes are handmade in a local Horsham kitchen and are semi naked sponge cakes with buttercream frosting and I’ll box up what your baby hasn’t eaten so that you can take it to enjoy at home.

Some babies get really stuck in at this point, while others are more restrained. Either way, their response will be reflective of their individual personalities and I will be there to simply capture the moment. 

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