Newborn Photography Session, Horsham, Sussex

Generally in life I think less is often more, and I certainly think this is true when it comes to newborn photography.  

I prefer a more natural approach – simple, un-posed and with minimal props to distract. My baby-led sessions are exactly that because I believe the best images I can give you are inspired by your baby’s uniqueness. I photograph newborns using natural light, in a studio room in my home which is always warm and clean, with baby comfortably cushioned on a soft beanbag. And, above all, I stick to safe, natural positions.

I often start with a gentle swaddle and I’ll transition from fully wrapped to unwrapped without overly disturbing them and, if they are sleepy enough, we’ll finish with those comfortably-curled shots that everyone loves. For babies under 14 days old, this is still a very natural position for them to be in with most finding comfort in maintaining the position they had in the womb.

After all, your baby won’t be like this for very long and soon it will be almost impossible to imagine that they were ever this small; my newborn photography sessions are designed to provide a lasting memory of this special time, in a beautifully simple, timeless and, most importantly, natural way.

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