A Guest Post from Alexia at Roots and Wings Parenting …

It was lovely to welcome Alexia from Roots and Wings Parenting into the studio to help her celebrate and document her third pregnancy.  This is what she had to say …


With my first I could tell you, to the day, how pregnant I was at every stage. I could tell you when she was the size of a seed or satsuma, I could tell you her pattern and movements, I could tell you the day I felt her wiggle for the first time, or how every stage felt and the new things.

Baby three doesn’t get as much attention. I don’t have the space in my head to observe every moment in the same way. I have two other little people taking all my attention. I may not know exactly how many weeks I am, or what fruit size he is at every stage. But I do know that I will love him every bit as much as the other two.

Thank you Beth Moore Photography for giving me an hour just to think about this baby!
Can’t recommend maternity photography shoots enough. Even just the time to think solely about the baby growing in your tummy. No distractions, no other demands. Just time, and images you can treasure, focusing on this baby.


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